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Wat's Pig is a 1996 British stop motion animated short film created by Aardman Animations and written and directed by Peter Lord. It is a tale of two princes who are split as babies only to reunite as adults during a war. It is told almost entirely non-verbally.



Two princes are separated at birth and reunited only after a crisis grips the country.


Release Dates[]

  • April 10, 1996 (United States & France)



  • Oscars Academy Awards (1997) - Best Animated Short (Nominee)


  • Animation by Sam Fell, Peter Lord and Mike Booth.
  • Art Director/ Model Co-ordinator: Jan Sanger.
  • Set Designer: Rachel Moore.
  • Sets by Cod Steaks.
  • Scenic Artist: Tim Farrington.
  • Props Maker: Jo Conard.
  • Model Makers: Virginia Mason, Cathy Price, Debbie Smith and John Wright.
  • Director of Photography: Andy MacCormick.
  • Lightning Camera Assistant: Philip Eason.
  • Trainee Camera Assistant: Jeremy Hogg.
  • Electricians: Marcus Goddard and Matthew Kitcat.
  • Music Composer: Andy Price.
  • Sound Effects by James Mather.
  • Edited by Tasmin Parry.
  • Thanks to Tara Bacon, Lisa Bilbe, Maxine Guest, Patrick Haines, Martin Houghey,
    Jason Marshall, Arthur Sheriff, Karina Thompson and everyone at Aardman.
  • Executive Producers: Peter Lord and David Sproxton.
  • Produced by Jo Allen and Michael Rose.
  • Written and Directed by Peter Lord.
  • An Aardman Animations production for Channel 4 1996.

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