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Aardman Animations was the animated company that co-produced their Disney-produced films with Disney. All of their stop motion films are among the highest-grossing stop-motion films, with their debut, Chicken Run , being their top-grossing film as well as the highest-grossing stop-motion film of all time.

History with Disney[]

On 27 October 1999, Aardman signed a $250 million deal with Disney to create four feature films that would be completed in the next twelve years. From this a project was announced, "The Tortoise and The Hare", but was put on hold due to script issues.

On 23 June 2000, Chicken Run was released. An award-winning comedy stop-motion feature film about chickens. The film recieved great critical and financial success, which was a great start for the two companies.

In 2005, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was released. The film recieved phenomenal success and reception.

Months after Flushed Away is announced, Aardman and Disney decided to extend their contract due to "creative differences"

In 2006, critically acclaimed Flushed Away was released. The film was Aardman's first computer-animated feature. Flushed Away recieved positive reviews but never delievered. Created on a budget of $149 million, poor box office reception resulted in a $109-million write-down for Disney, and in a termination of the partnership with Aardman Animations.