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The unnamed mouse is a minor reoccuring character in the first season of Creature Comforts.


Physical Appearance[]

He is a small grey mouse who has two big ears, a large spherical tummy, a pale pink tail, and short limbs. Due to his small eyes and usually shy demeanor, he often has the appearance of a gloomy expression. His legs have 3-toed paws, and his arms end with human-like hands. When his mouth is open, he can be seen with small, sharp teeth. He also has a set of buckteeth on his upper jaw.


The unnamed mouse seems to be rather introverted, reacting to attention from the interviewer with either embarassment or confusion, and stimming when asked about cats. However, he can still be around others, as seen with the unnamed guinea pig from O'Malley's Pets. He is also very gluttonous, as most of his screen time is of him eating food. He also is shown to be easily frightened, as he often faints at the mention or sight of snakes. However, he is also seen to be very happy when around his family, and he also opens up to others during the Christmas season.


Feeding Time[]

The mouse is first seen sniffing cheese from a mousetrap in what might be a pantry or kitchen, before eating 2 handfuls and noticing the camera crew, becoming embarassed and he quits eating.

He is next seen eating a can of candy called Chocolate Thickies, seemingly unaware of the interviewer or cameraman, until the last second where he glances at the camera.

He is last seen during the end credits, about to eat a crumb of toast, before noticing the interviewer, again becoming embarassed and asking them " What are you looking at? "

The Pet Store[]

He is seen alongside a yellow guinea pig, listening to him discuss the birds and rabbits at the O'Malley's Pets, nodding and glancing at something offscreen, before looking back at the guinea pig, looking at the ground, the camera crew, and then back at the guinea pig.

He is next seen spotting a snake, who the guinea pig says is named Chester, before gasping and fainting. He looks back up dizzy, but then faints again upon seeing Chester still there.

Then he is seen getting back up, looking around before the guinea pig notes that snakes often eat mice and other small rodents, causing him to faint once again.

He is last seen in the episode trembling as the guinea pig tries to assure the viewer that snakes and spiders are more afraid of you, before Chester attempts to attack the guinea pig, who is most likely safe due to the bars of the cage.

Cats Or Dogs?[]

His only appearance in the episode is him describing cats with big claws, and being akin to bears, while he plays with his hands and looks at the interviewer timidly.

Merry Christmas[]

He first appears greedily eating a piece of a mince pie, while another taller brown mouse, presumably his brother, discusses Jesus' birthday.

His final appearance in the show is him wishing Santa a Happy Birthday, before his brother whispers something to him, to which he corrects himself, wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday instead, and all the viewers a Happy Christmas.


  • "What are you looking at?"
  • "They have big claws.. like bears. And they look like bears."
  • "Happy Birthday, Santa! *laughs* Happy Birthday, Jesus! Happy Christmas, everybody!"


  • The mouse has become an internet meme, appearing on TikTok and Youtube. He is posted eating a can of Chocolate Thickies set to a slowed down version of Austin Farwell's New Home. The clip is meant to give off the feeling of loneliness or solitude when eating alone. He is also mistaken to be said from Wallace and Gromit rather than Creature Comforts, and being a rat instead of a mouse.
  • According to a sticky note on his cage, he is worth 2 pounds and 50 pence, or 3 dollars and 11 cents in American currency.
  • The mouse might possibly be on the Autism Spectrum, signs include stimming, shyness and unwillingness to socialize, difficulty speaking to others, being highly emotional, and overeating.
  • He has the final line of Series 1
  • The mouse and his family could possibly be Christians