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The Snowmanotron is a short film in the Cracking Contraptions series. The film features the invention of the Snowmanotron, an automatic snowman maker.


To try to win the annual, "Snowman Competition", Gromit builds a snow sculpture based on Rodin's,"The Thinker". Wallace then pulls up the Snowmanotron. The machine creates a snowman, but when the door opens the machine destroys Gromit's more artistic snowman. Wallace's entry turns out to be rather crude and Gromit, feeling rather flat, heads back inside. He slams the door, which makes the snow fall off the roof landing on Wallace, turning him into a snowman. Having heard the noise, but not Wallace calling for help inside the snowman, Gromit emerges from the house. Discovering what he thinks is a better snowman, he adds a carrot for the nose and coal for the eyes. Gromit, then waits for the photographer and wins the competition, which was featured in the news. Wallace congratulates Gromit for winning and thought the snowman was abominable.


The Snowmanotron will be return in the 2021 short film Wallace & Gromit's Magic Christmas.