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The Big Fix Up or Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up is a 2021 British mobile application released in augmented and mixed reality. it is the fourth video game in the Wallace and Gromit franchise following 2009's Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, and is set after the events of A Matter of Loaf and Death. it stars Ben Whitehead as Wallace, with Miriam Margolyes, Issy Suttie and Jim Carter in supporting roles. it was released on 18 January 2021. it combines innovative claymation-like CGI with live-action and comic-like segments.


Wallace and Gromit begin a construction and mechanic repair business called "Spick-N-Spanners" in Bristol. they now have a talking lab computer named Beryl, and are fixing up the city. a pie baker in town named Bernard Grubb wants to be the new mayor, but his assistant Lilliana "Lily" Hackerby is suspicious about him. Gromit is also working on a mission with a live-action human detective named Clarissa Kent, who has her own suspicions of why the city is infested with robot pigeons. Grubb has assigned Wallace to build a gigantic replica of his L-A-D robot for him.

at the end, Wallace discovers that Grubb was the fiance of Piella Bakewell, and blamed Wallace for her death. his plan was to take over Bristol and destroy it using the giant L-A-D robot, framing Wallace. Grubb attacks the city and takes Wallace and Gromit hostage. but Gromit is freed by Clarissa and a secret hacker named Codegirl (really Lily Hackenby). together, the three manage to destroy the robot and free Wallace, throwing Bernard in prison. although the game ends with a cliffhanger when Beryl is hacked by Grubb.


  • Ben Whitehead as Wallace
  • Miriam Margolyes as Beryl, Wallace and Gromit's new talking lab computer who lives in their basement. Margolyes also starred in Flushed Away and Early Man.
  • Jim Carter as Bernard Grubb, a pie baker and the main villain who wants to be mayor of Bristol.
  • Issy Suttie as Lily Hackenby/Codegirl, Grubb's assistant who is suspicious about him.
  • Grace Ahmed as Clarissa Kent, a human detective who is on a mission. she is the first live-action character in the franchise (not including the hosts who played themselves in Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention).
  • Additionally, the Cooker returns but does not speak. being its first appearance since A Grand Day Out.


the game was announced in May 2020. it was not the first time CGI was used for a CGI game in the franchise, but was the first to use live-action and used the latest CGI technology to be as close to claymation as possible. during production, models for the characters were modelled out of plasticine, but were later scanned using the latest 3D scanning to have exact CGI representations of the plasticine figures.


there are some levels in the game which use VR-like surroundings, but no headset is required to play. people can film their surroundings (usually in a room wide enough) and characters, objects or machines from the game will appear. in most levels, the player will be tasked with fixing a faulty object, such as the rocket or Cooker.


Aardman Animations have announced a new virtual reality game entitled The Grand Getaway, which is set to be launched on Meta Quest 2 in 2023.