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The Autochef is a short film in the Cracking Contraptions series. The film features the invention of Autochef, a breakfast-cooking robot.


To speed up his cooking, Wallace activates the Autochef, a robot chef with a tea nozzle, a frying pan and a temperature gauge. Wallace tries serving scrambled eggs, but they end up on Gromit's head. Wallace tries serving fried eggs, but the eggs are shot at Wallace's face blinding him. The Auto Chef starts going out of control so Gromit uses a banana skin to block the tea nozzle which is squirting tea. The comically says the word, "knickers" and Autochef's head explodes off it's body.


  • In the beginning, when Gromit is reading the newspaper, the headline, "Dog Day Afternoon", can be seen refrencing the 1975 movie, "Dog Day Afternoon".