Steve Claus is Arthur's older brother who wants their father's job as Santa Claus. He is voiced by Hugh Laurie.

Role in the film_____________________________________________________

After the misson was acomplished Steve and Grandsanta had a fight over the game deciding who will be Santa, and Steve rudely dismissed Arthur for being Santa next in line. Steve was upset wanting to know what is happening here and one of the elves used a machine like device thing to look up the location. After Grandsanta and Arthur's perlious trek from the lions, Steve said that Santa needs to get some rest so he can have Malcolm's job. After Steve Claus said about one single child, Malcolm Claus was shocked about Steve letting Arthur go, and looked directly to his son knowing if that's bird poop on Steve's shoulder and Steve corrected his father, and said goodnight in a rude way. When Malcolm and his wife Magaret were leaving, Steve decided to drive his alien like ship, so He could find a child to give a present, but Steve gave the wrong child that speaks in Spanish. Steve, Grandsanta, Arthur, Malcolm Claus saw Gwen having bicycle in a happy way. Steve ended up helping them in the end.


Steve Claus is Arthur's cynical brother, but, he is the brains of everything. However, he evolves into an antagonist when he let Arthur go, as he wants his father's job.

Along with Mertle Edmonds from Lilo & Stitch and Nabiki Tendo from Ranma 1/2, Steve has served as an influence for the rival villains in the films of independent filmmaker and producer Ms. CMZ, such as the self-centered Madame Chairbird (Sesame Street MVs), narcissistic Yank the Jack Russell Terrier (Y.T.J.R.T.), the arrogant customer Tatewaki Kuno in No Ranmavations (2008), and the greedy, manipulative boxing announcer in CMZ's The Little Panda Fighter (2018).