Rodney Walters is the main antagonist of the 2021 upcoming Wallace And Gromit feature film Holiday From Home. He will be voiced by Eamonn Holmes

Personality: Arrogant, Funny, Mischievous


Bad (Holiday From Home)

Rodney is a mischievous man who tries to ruin stuff for everyone (including Wallace And Gromit) in blackpool. He destroys the sidecar of Wallace And Gromit's motorbike, which makes Wallace mad, But luckily Gromit will drive the motorbike to replace Wallace. At the end of the film, Rodney apologises to Wallace for causing havoc in Blackpool. Gromit gives him a plan to make Rodney behave, Such as going for a ride on the carousel

Rodney Walters is the sixth Wallace And Gromit villain, Other villains before him are Feathers McGraw, Preston, Victor Quartermaine, Were-Rabbit and Piella Bakewell. Unlike the previous films, Victor and Preston are now becoming heroes in this film

He is the first male character in an Aardman Feature Film whose favourite colour is blue since Charles Darwin from The Pirates!, In An Adventure With Scientists! 

He is also the first male Aardman character to be voiced by Eamonn Holmes 

Rodney is also the fifth male Wallace And Gromit character to be a villain 

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