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Piella Bakewell is the sole main antagonist of A Matter of Loaf and Death and the former love interest and fiancee of Wallace, as well as the owner of Fluffles. She was once a famous and attractive actress, starring in the Bake-O-Lite commercials; however, she is now a notorious murderer, known as 'The Cereal Killer', who targets bakers. Wallace was her intended final victim, but she was ultimately outwitted by the inventor and his loyal dog Gromit.



Piella used to love bread as a pin-up girl, but after she ate too much, she blamed the bakers for her weight and drove herself insane.

Physical appearance[]

she has blonde hair in a shape three buns on top of each other, red lips and pale tan skin. she used to be thin and wear a white dress in her youth, but in her adult years wears pink and is much more overweight.


A Matter of Loaf and Death[]

In her youth, Piella was very slim and beautiful, and made her name by starring in the commercials for Bake-O-Lite slimming bread, becoming known as 'The Bake-O-Lite Girl'. However, she ate too many bakery products, gaining a lot of weight; thus, she was dropped from the commercials as she was too heavy to ride the balloon featured in the commercials. Famous for being the star of commercials for Bake-O-Lite slimming bread. Piella Bakewell now lives in a luxurious mansion with her pet poodle Fluffles, which houses many mementos of her former glory. No longer as slim as she was, she intended to eliminate the bakers to get her revenge and to complete a baker's dozen, 13.

She pretends to fall in love with twelve local bakers and really murders each of them. She had attempted to kill Wallace, but Gromit and Fluffles foiled this attempt. She then tried to escape in the Bake-O-Lite balloon, but she was too heavy and got eaten alive by crocodiles. She is the first ever female Wallace and Gromit villain, as well as the first female Wallace and Gromit character to die, as she is eaten alive by a crocodile off-screen. However, she is later shown as an angel/ghost flying in the sky on a hot air balloon, in her old, skinnier self.

It is unknown whether this was Wallace's imagination, a brief moment symbolizing her redemption, or a mere cinematic effect.

The Big Fix Up[]

in this game, it is revealed that she was really in love with a pie baker named Bernard Grubb, who blamed her death on Wallace and was driven to revenge. she does not appear in the game, but is shown both as a portait and through archive footage during a flashback. a secret room resembling the inside of her house appears to be hidden behind Grubb's office, filled with stuffed crocodile heads and a photo of her and Wallace in the fireplace.

Other appearances[]

Piella appears in a Christmas commercial for Google+ where she appears unwrapping a present of a rolling pin during a video call with Fluffles, Wallace, Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss. it is unknown when it happened or whether it is canon.


Piella comes across as being a sweet-natured woman, but she is in fact, a cold, calculating and ruthless psychopath, obsessed with getting revenge. She is very cruel and controlling towards her dog Fluffles and will go to great lengths to achieve her goals. She is quite delusional and becomes increasingly unstable towards the end of her murder spree; she was so determined to kill Wallace, she was even prepared to detonate a bomb inside his house, which would likely have killed or injured many other people too.

Piella's Victims[]

The following is a list of victims, especially male bakers, who Piella has murdered in numerical order:

  1. Norbert Stodge
  2. Wayne Scales
  3. Rich Teabiscuit
  4. Basil Dumplings
  5. Phil O'Pastry
  6. Bread Astair
  7. Quiche Richards
  8. Crusty Rolls
  9. Herb Bruschetta
  10. Shorty Shortcrust
  11. Brendan Butterpudding
  12. Baker Bob
  13. Wallace (intended final victim, failed)


she pretended to be in love (and was probably also engaged to) each of her victims before she killed them. it is unknown whether or not she planned to kill Bernard Grubb or if he was her true love. she also may have a friendship with her pet poodle Fluffles before she turned evil.


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  • Piella was probably named after a pie with ice cream on top called Pie Alah Mode, and bakewell tart.
  • Piella was seen again in an Aardman Google+ promo since the last time we saw her getting eaten by crocodiles she seems to still be alive and is chatting with Wallace, Gromit, and other Aardman characters. This can be considered not canon.

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