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the main characters pib and pog

Pib and Pog is a series created by Aardman Animations that consists of a short film and a series. The animation is set up like a typical pre-school programme introduced by a soft-spoken narrator who translates what the characters say to the audience. However as the show goes on it gradually turns into a black comedy where the characters attempt to harm each other constantly. The characters were later used in an advertising campaign for Dairylea products on UK television and made a cameo in the eighth episode of Rex the Runt





The Original Film[]

Pib an Pog is a 1995 short film created by Peter Peake it was released on January 7th 1995 it focuses on two characters named Pib and Pog who kill each other constantly like shooting each other in the stomach with guns, kicking each other in the buttocks, sticking each other's heads in concentrated sulphuric acid, sawing each other in half and blowing each other up with cannons after the show has finished the actors are the same characters with a more worn out expression break character and reveal themselves to be much older and grumpier than the characters they portray.

The Series[]

In 2006, five additional shorter episodes were made in association with the BBC and were available to watch online at AtomFilms until it was absorbed into Comedy Central.



Peter's Room

X Factor

The Kitchen

Daddy's Study


In Rex the Runt they make a cameo.