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Vital statistics
Name Magma
Appears Early Man
Age Stone
Friends Dug (great-great-grandson), Chief Bobnar (grandson), Treebor (son), Asbo (father), Barry (grandfather), Gravelle (great-grandmother), Eemak (great-great-grandfather), Thongo (great-great-great-grandfather), Grubup (great-great-great-great-grandfather), Dino, Queen Oofeefa, Real Bronzio
Enemies Grubup (briefly), Lord Nooth, Dino (formerly), Queen Oofeefa (formerly), Real Bronzio (formerly)
Likes Hunting
Dislikes Treebor's cowardly actions, Being messed with
Fears Mammoths
goals to beat Real Bronzio to have the valley back
Location Manchester

Magma is an overbearing mother of Treebor. During the sleep she was seen bumping Eemak.

Treebor: Ooh! It's pointy!

Magma: Oh, Treebor. Just get over there!

Treebor: Aw, Mum!

-- Magma overbearing Treebor without any nonsense.

It is best not to mess with her.