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Gromit is a main protagonist of Wallace and Gromit and is Wallace's best friend, assistant and pet.


Physical Appearance[]

Gromit is a young adult beagle. He has tan fur, brown ears, a black nose and no visible mouth.



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  • He is known to be mute because he does not have his mouth. however, in the scene with him tripping the doorstep in The Wrong Trousers, he does a high pitched squeak. he can be heard making a similar sound in one scene of A Close Shave.
  • He does not appear to have any fur, which is alluded to in A Close Shave when Wallace says, "We've tested this (the wool-o-matic) on Gromit, haven't we, lad?" Gromit replies with a dark nod and a faraway look.
  • Nick Park originally wanted to voice Gromit himself, before casting Peter Hawkins. but he later scrapped his lines as he felt he didn't need to communicate with words.
  • Gromit was inspired by the character of Snowy from The Adventures of Tintin, and was originally to be a cat with a large toothy grin. this idea was later scrapped as Nick Park found a dog was easier to animate.


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