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Grandsanta is Malcolm's father who dislikes modern worlds and the deurtagonist of the film.He is played by Bill Nighy.

Role in the film____________________________________________________

After the news about the  toy noise, Grandsanta was seen watching on the news with his old pet reindeer and Arthur interupted him. After Malcolm's celebration Grandsanta and Steve had  conflict.

to decide who will be Santa and played a game. Grandsanta decided to help Arthur on the mission to give the present for one missing child who is Gwen. Grandsanta and Arthur had gone the wrong way to the city of Canada and Brynory a female elf flew straight into the sleigh, and, had  a another idea to get one more reindeer which is a fake golden and Arthur distracted the waker with a gun and escaped. While they were traveling, Grandsanta and Arthur encountered Lions in Africa, and Arthur putted the hungry Lions to sleep by using his slippers and when the device like thing disturbed the Lions, they ran away. Arthur and Grandsanta, rescued one of the reindeer from the lions. When Grandsanta and Arthur were riding on the sleigh, Steve told Arthur on the GPS phone about Malcolm's retirement and planned to have Malcolm's job. Arthur and Grandsanta landed on the beach and Arthur felt hopless and gave up, but, Grandsanta reminded him that he was like him. After Arthur read the note about Gwen, Arthur and Grandsanta used the boat to get Trulew in the ocean, about three thousand miles. Arthur and Grandsanta were waiting for the sleigh, and the reindeer came to save them just in time. Chief Silva and her men thought that they were aliens and used a plane to crush them and Grandsanta faked his death. After they gave Gwen her bike, they had a happy ending.