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General President (also known as President) is the main antagonist of the 2007 Xilam animated film Mr. Magoo The Movie. He is a sneaky and greedy rich man who plans to have the land of New York City.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny in the original French version.


Preisdent is considered as a sneaky, diabolical, arrogant, and greedy man who wants to have New Yorker and a lot of money in order to keep his wealth.


President first appears when General President explains how to get to New York City, he plots to prevent Magoo and the europians from reaching New York so he can have land for himself as well as gain even more money.


  • President 1
  • Magoo and General President.
  • President 2
  • Mr. Magoo, with a man like that guardian those naive pioneers might just get there in time, Alfred! it's up to get rid of this troublemaker before he rules everything!
  • President 4
  • General President's evil grin.
  • Presient 5
  • It can't be! they're already here! General shocked that Mr. Magoo and the Europeans arrive to Japanese.
  • President 6
  • President attempts to break the Fizz out...
  • President 7
  • ...but fails.
  • President 3
  • They'll escape Butler! they'll escape! or i'll eat my hat!
  • President 8
  • General with Butler Alfred.
  • President 9
  • What's going on? i'm helping you escape.
  • President 10
  • General after another failed attempt on helping the Villains escape.
  • General 11
  • Ask me why, despite everything i'm in such a good mood Mr. Alfred...
  • General 12
  • ...Because that wagon train will NEVER get to New York.
  • General 13
  • General angry about elephants.
  • General 14
  • General President's evil laugh.
  • General 16
  • General President's breakdown.
  • General 17
  • General President and Butler escaping with the loot in the chain balls.
  • General 18
  • General defeat
  • General President's defeat.
  • President last appearance
  • General President's last appearance in the movie.