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War Feathers McGraw

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War Feathers McGraw is a character existing in the Wallace and Gromit part of Aardman. He is known as a robber and wears a red rubber glove to fool the authorities making them think he's a chicken rather than a penguin ''War Feathers McGraw Blow''. by name his wallace ''before his death'' was an blow it up Lego bricks.


On Screen Appearances

The Wrong Trousers

he's role is the main antagonist. In his debut, he rented Gromit's room out at Wallace's house. He then basically stole Gromit's room and his life, thus, Gromit left. But Feathers had a idea: a jewel heist. He reconstructed the Techno Trousers so it responds to a remote control. After getting the jewel from the museum, he revealed to Wallace that he was the penguin renter, and proceeded to trap Wallace inside a wardrobe. After Gromit got to the scene, Feathers pulled out a pistol and told Gromit to get into the wardrobe. Soon after, Feathers attempted to make an escape on one of Wallace's model trains, but Gromit switched the points, causing Feathers to go the wrong way. After a chase, Feathers and Gromit both crashed resulting in Feather's capture. He was then captured and handed to the zoo.


Throughout the Reboot CGI series there is the occasional popup of a background character that seems impossibly to be the same penguin.

Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo

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Holiday From Home

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Wallace & Gromit’s Magic Christmas

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Off Screen Appearances

Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave

When Gromit was sent to jail, on the cell wall, it said "Feathers was 'ere". Also in the cell, Gromit was reading a book which on the spine read, "A Penguin Classic" with a picture of Feathers without the glove. During the chase scene, when Gromit plunges down the cliff, a rock that resembles Feathers can be seen.

Cracking Contraptions

In one of them, Wallace turned on the TV to a show called, "When Penguins Turn", clearly referencing Feathers.

The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, he makes a cameo appearance in the final battle after Victor says "Eat carrot, bunny boy!" He is seen standing on a urn on top of Tottington Hall.

A Matter Of Loaf and Death On Cartoon Network

His face is seen on a wanted poster outside the zoo, saying that he's escaped again. After Piella Bakewell gets eaten by the crocodiles, he is seen in the background.

Robin Robin

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  • Feathers is a penguin disguised as a chicken.
  • He made a nearly-succesful jewel stealing.
  • Feathers is similar to Sheldon James. Plankton From Spongebob Squarepants