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Vital statistics
Name Dug
Appears Early Man
Age Stone
Friends Hognob, Goona, Asbo, Thongo, Eemak, Gravelle, Grubup, Jurend, Chief Bobnar, Magma, Treebor, Barry, Bronze Age Guards, Dino, Queen Oofeefa, Message Bird (briefly)
Enemies Lord Nooth, Grubup (briefly), Jurend (formerly), Rabbits, Mammoths, Queen Oofeefa (formerly), Dino (formerly), Bronze Age Guards (formerly), Message Bird
Likes Hunting
Dislikes Having the valley taken, losing, Lord Nooth, Other Bronzios (formerly), Mammoths unhunted
Fears {{{fears}}}
goals To win back the valley
Location the Valley

Dug is the main protagonist of Early Man. He is also the ancestor of Wallace.



He is voiced by Eddie Redmayne 

His favourite colour is red