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Creature Discomforts was a series of television advertisements produced by Aardman for the British disability charity Leonard Cheshire, released in 2008 in two batches. The first four highlight mobility issues, with the second four looking more generally at attitudes toward disability. The adverts are made in the same style as Creature Comforts, using animal characters and the voices of members of the public.

First series

  • Stick: A stick insect who walks with the aid of a stick.
  • Sweet Shop: A tortoise with a missing leg who walks with crutches.
  • Rubbish: A sausage dog with a dog wheelchair, a slug with a motorised chair and a hedgehog in a manual wheelchair.
  • Watch Me: The sausage dog from "Rubbish" and a bull terrier in a manual wheelchair.

Second series

  • Lesson: A prawn in a wheelchair and a cat who is hard of hearing talk about other people's attitudes toward them.
  • Love and Sex: A mouse and a rabbit talk about love and sex.
  • Sneaking Up: A chameleon with a guide ladybird talks about being "sneaked up" on.
  • Education: An owl in a wheelchair talks about having the confidence to re-enter education.