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Cracking Contraptions

Cracking Contraptions is a group of ten shorts starring Wallace and Gromit.


  • Wallace
  • Gromit
  • Feathers McGraw (not named)
  • Shaun [with george carlin and ringo starr's us/uk voice]


The Soccamatic[]

In this one, Wallace and Gromit are playing football with Gromit blocking every single attempt at a goal from Wallace. Wallace then brings out the Soccamatic, which fires balls which go right through the goal and the fence. After Wallace runs out of balls, Gromit puts a suit on that expands through the entire goal post. Wallace then asks if Gromit wants to play tennis.

The Snoozatron[]

In this one, Wallace can't sleep so he activates the Snoozatron, an invention that helps one get to sleep. First, it fluffs the pillow, then tucks you in. Then it gives you an icepack and a teddy bear. It then makes Gromit (who is now dressed up like a sheep), jump into Wallace's room and he counts how many times Gromit jumps. When he falls asleep, Gromit is still bouncing, and he proceeds to grab the post.

The Autochef[]

In this one, Wallace tells Gromit that he was going to try "it" out again. Gromit then puts a poncho on because he knows what is about to happen. Wallace then tells the machine to make scrambled eggs, but the blender opens up with the eggs landing all over Gromit. Then Wallace asks to have his eggs fried. This then proceeds to the machine, which fires the eggs into Wallace's eyes. Gromit then shoves a banana peel into the nose (which was shooting out tea). The machine explodes, with Wallace claiming he has an idea.

525 Crackervac[]

In this one, Wallace drops a cracker, which leads to a machine programmed to pick up crackers to come in. After vaccuming it up, he goes for crackers inside a package, with Wallace yanking them away. After it gets angry, Gromit grabs a cracker and throws it up in the air, tricking the crackervac to go after it. With that, he lassos it and rides it like a bucking bronco. After disabling it, it's back explodes covering Wallace and the wall in ash.

The Bully Proof Vest[]

In this one, Wallace wears a vest in the house. He then grabs some crackers, and sits on his chair. When he looks away, someone grabs the cracker. Wallace then turns to the nearby wardrobe, which door bangs. Upon opening it, he discovers it has the remains of his cracker. He then turns around to Gromit in a burglar's outfit. After pressing a button, Gromit is punched by a glove, which causes him to crash. Wallace chuckles which leads to the invention to catapult him into the ceiling.

The Snowmanotron[]

In this one, Gromit was making a snow sculpture of Wallace for an entry to a snowman contest. When he got done, Wallace comes in with a machine. It collects some snow, with it reversing right in front of Gromit's sculpture. After destroying the sculpture with an average snowman, Wallace says he was sorry. Gromit goes inside and slams the door, which causes snow on the edge of the roof to fall on Wallace. Gromit comes out, puts a carrot and eyes on Wallace, and wins first prize. Wallace then gets treated for frostbite.

The Tellyscope[]

In this one, Wallace activates a button to turn the TV on. It (the invention) flings a ball into a picture, which activates something to make the TV move closer to Wallace. After he turns it on, it's the wrong channel, so he tries to fling another ball. But, he doesn't have another ball. Gromit then shows him the remote, but Wallace uses it as a backup ball. After it turns to the correct channel, the tv flies off it's hinges and barges into Wallace.

The Turbo Diner[]

Wallace activates the Turbo Diner, a machine that operates with coin usage.

Shopper 13[]

Wallace develops, "Shopper 13", a trolley equipped with wings and accessories to retrieve/carry items.

A Christmas Cardomatic[]

It is almost Christmas and Wallace tries working on his Christmas Cardomatic by taking pictures of Gromit in a giant robin costume.