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Colonel George Muesli is an army colonel in charge of Toddington Hall. He loves to call people a bally. He is shown to be mean and cruel towards Wallace, Gromit, Fluffles and Lady Toddington. But is thrilled to learn that Gromit is a hero

Personality: Rude, Aggressive, Grumpy, Snobbish, Proud, Cold-Hearted

Alignment: Neutral, Later Good

He first appears in the 2006 Wallace And Gromit comic strip What A Carve Up!, He will appear in the second Wallace And Gromit feature film Holiday From Home from 2021 and will be voiced by Martin Short

Muesli is somewhat similar to Kerchak from Disney's 1999 film Tarzan as they are both grumpy and cruel and later nice. He is also similar to Fowler from Chicken Run 

Muesli is the first comic strip character to appear in a Wallace And Gromit film along with other comic strip characters