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Chief Bobnar
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Chief Bobnar
Appears Early Man
Age Stone Age (32 years old as an old man)
Friends Dug (descendant), Treebor (ancestor), Magma (great-ancestor), Asbo (great-great-ancestor), Barry (great-great-great-ancestor), Gravelle (great-great-great-great-ancestor), Eemak (great-great-great-great-great-ancestor), Grubup (distant cousin), Thongo (distant cousin), Jurgend, Lightning Hammer, Quik Wun Tu, Gonad the Gaul, Hugelgraber, Queen Oofeefa, Dino, Goona
Enemies Lord Nooth, Jurgend (formerly), Lightning Hammer (formerly), Quik Wun Tu (formerly), Gonad the Gaul (formerly), Hugelgraber (formerly), Dino (formerly), Queen Oofeefa (formerly)
Likes Hunting, Keeping the Valley, Keeping the tribe in line
Dislikes Having the valley taken, Lord Nooth, Bronze people (formerly)
Fears Mammoths
goals to make sure the tribe changes their underwear and brushes their teeth every day!
Location Valley

"Ooh! Bit nibby this morning?"

--Chief Bobnar to Dug.

Chief Bobnar is the affable and eternally patient chief of Dug's tribe and the ancestor of Wallace Herbertson. He is an old man and is nearly 32 years old. Bobnar is more like a father making sure they change their underwear and brush their teeth.

Chief Bobnar: "Morning, Asbo. Change your underpants today?"

Asbo: "Yes. Changed it with Thongo, Chief! Champion!"

--Chief Bobnar to Asbo.

Chief Bobnar is voiced by Timothy Spall. He and the tribe but Dug are afraid of Mammoths.

"Dug, Dug... Look at us... You seriously think we could catch a mammoth?"

--Chief Bobnar saying that if Dug thinks they could catch a mammoth.