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Chicken Run (video game)

Chicken Run is a video game created by Blitz Games, Edios Interactive, DreamWorks Animation Interactive, and Aardman Interactive, and is based on the film of the same name.

While characters, mainly Ginger and Rocky, were voiced by professional voice artists, Benjamin Whitrow and Lynn Ferguson reprised their roles as Fowler and Mac.


Gameplay generally consists of the player taking control of either Ginger, Rocky, or Nick and Fetcher, and searching the Tweedys' farm for objects to be used in an escape attempt by the chickens.

This section of the game features stealth gameplay not too different from Metal Gear Solid, as the player will have to avoid guard dogs and the Tweedys themselves, in addition to searchlights, sources of light in general and noisy surfaces, since these will alert the security to the player's presence.

Should the player be caught, they will be sent back to the entry point of the current area, and will lose either their most recently obtained item or their currently equipped item which goes back to where it was originally found. In addition, the player will occasionally have to push objects about, or use the environment in order to get to a hard-to-reach item.

Each act ends with a boss level in which the chickens have to control a mannequin of Mrs Tweedy, a linear platforming level where Rocky has to avoid hazards to get to Ginger in the pie machine and fly the 'Old Crate' stopping Mrs. Tweedy from reaching the top of the rope hanging from it. The second two acts contain minigames representing an escape attempt, which in Act 2 involves launching chickens over the fence with a seesaw, catapult or fireworks.

In Act 3, the minigames involve assembling a part of the 'Old Crate' and getting its engine running. Act 3 also contains a minigame in which the player has to get the hens in Hut 2 to lay eggs to pay Nick and Fetcher though this can also be played in the first two acts but without the player getting to keep the eggs.

Success is generally measured by how many chickens the player can save, or how fast the player can finish the task and the player can be awarded with bronze, silver or gold medals by Fowler for good performance.


In keeping with the film's story, the game takes place on a British chicken farm and follows a group of chickens as they try to break out of confinement.

Players must help Ginger and her flock make a break for freedom, while avoiding the evil Mrs. Tweedy and her oafish man Mr. Tweedy, who wants to turn them into chicken pies.