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Chicken Run is a soundtrack.


  1. Opening Escape
  2. Main Titles
  3. The Evil Mrs. Tweedy
  4. Rats!
  5. Chickens Are Not Organized
  6. We Need a Miracle
  7. Rocky and the Circus
  8. Flight Training
  9. A Really Big Truck Arrives
  10. Cocktails and Flighty Thoughts
  11. Babs' Big Break
  12. Flip Flop and Fly (by Ellis Hall)
  13. Up on the Roof
  14. Into the Pie Machine
  15. Rocky, a Fake All Along
  16. Building the Crate
  17. The Wanderer (by Dion)
  18. The Chickens Are Revolting
  19. Lift Off
  20. Escape to Paradise