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Baker Bob is a character from the Wallace and Gromit franchise, named after Aardman writer Bob Baker. he was an award-winning local baker who was killed by Piella Bakewell. he is voiced by Ben Whitehead. thus far, he is the only character in the franchise to die onscreen.

Appearances and biography[]

A Close Shave[]

Robert "Bob" the Baker unofficially first appeared in A Close Shave, where his bakery called "Bob's Buns" can be seen next to Wendolene Ramsbottom's wool shop. his face is shown on a poster at the front of the bakery, as well as a slogan saying "Try Bob's Buns".

A Matter of Loaf and Death[]

he made his official debut in A Matter of Loaf and Death where he is murdered in the film's opening prologue, being Piella Bakewell's twelfth and final (successful) victim. he is shown singing to himself "bake the cake, bake the cake" while rolling a lump of bread dough. Piella's hand is shown picking up a rolling pin as she creeps up behind him and whisks off his hat. he turns around, recognising her, before suddenly being bashed to death in the head with the pin and falls dead into his dough. he also is seen later on on a newspaper (with the headline: "Baker Bob murdered! 12th baker found dead") and in Piella's book where he is shown in a photo right next to Piella, right before Gromit turns it to Wallace's page. little is known about Bob's personal past life before his death, but according to the books "A Matter of Loaf and Death - Joke Book" and "A Matter of Loath and Death - Novelisation", he was apparently engaged to Piella and had won a "Better Baker" award shortly before his death.

Other appearances[]

he is mentioned in the 2003 video game Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo. he also has a brief cameo in the Shaun the Sheep episode "Remote Control", in which The Farmer is shown watching his cooking show, but only his hands are shown.


Bob is bald, has pale tan skin and brown eyebrows. he usually is seen wearing glasses and a baker uniform. his personality mostly remains a mystery, although the book "A Matter of Loath and Death - Novelisation" says he was apparently "a very happy baker, and was particularly happy on the day he died".