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Vital statistics
Name Asbo
Appears Early Man
Age Stone
Friends Dug (great-great-great-grandson), Chief Bobnar (great-great-grandson), Treebor (grandson), Magma (daughter), Barry (father), Gravelle (grandmother), Eemak (great-grandfather), Thongo (great-great-grandfather), Grubup (great-great-great-grandfather), Jurgend, Real Bronzio, Dino, Queen Oofeefa
Enemies Lord Nooth, Dino (formerly), Queen Oofeefa (formerly), other bronze people (all formerly), Grubup (briefly)
Likes Hunting, Having the valley
Dislikes Losing against Real Bronzio
Fears Mammoths
goals to get the valley back (succeeded)
Location Manchester

"Yes! Changed it with Thongo, Chief! Champion!

Asbo is a fidgety member of Dug's tribe of unfocused energy. He is voiced by Johnny Vegas.


He appears to have light red hair, pale skin like his daughter and father, Caveman nose, and a red caveman clothing.

Who is he the ancestor of?[]

He is the ancestor of Wallace and his two brothers Chris and Thumper. Wallace's oldest brother has the same hair as him.


He kicked the ball so high.