Around The World is an annual special epsiode of Cow And Chicken consisting of several parodies of real world, TV Shows. novels, and other villains elements

The Around The World

  • Red Guy's Mom - Killed By Luigi Rustknocked [Pictured]
  • Japanese Mayor - Shot By Murderers [Mentioned.]
  • Luigi Rustknocked's Imbecile Indeed - Died off-screen from unknown causes [Mentioned.]
  • 100 Angry Mob - Killed By Wander
  • Angry Mob 1 - Decapitated By Guillotine
  • Waiter/Angry Mob 3 - Shot By Lego Humanized Chicken [Corpse]
  • Angry Mob 2 - Crushed by car crusher
  • Luigi Rustknocked - Fell Into A Death
  • Car Repairman - Blown up by Red Guy
  • Police Officer - Blown up by Red Guy
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