Aardman Animations is an British film production company founded in 1972. The founders are Peter Lord and David Sproxton.

The company is best known for their clay-animated productions Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Featured films[edit | edit source]

Released films[edit | edit source]

# Film(s) Release date(s) Budget Gross RT In partnership with
1 Chicken Run June 2000 $45 million $224.8 million 97% DreamWorks Animation & Pathé
2 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit October 2005 $30 million $192.6 million 95% DreamWorks Animation
3 Flushed Away December 2006 $149 million $178.1 million 72% DreamWorks Animation
4 Arthur Christmas December 2011 $100 million $147.2 million 92% Sony Pictures Animation
5 The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! March 2012 $55 million $123.1 million 87% Sony Pictures Animation
6 Shaun the Sheep Movie February 2015 $25 million $100.8 million 99% StudioCanal
7 Early Man January 2018 $50 million $54.6 million 81%


Farmageddon: A Shaun The Sheep Movie

October 2019


Upcoming Films 

Film(s) Release date(s) Budget In partnership with
Chicken Run 2  April 2022 TBA StudioCanal
Wallace and Gromit: Holiday From Home August 2021 TBA


Fat Mother     

September 2022 


Note: Chicken Run 2 is now postponed until 2022 due to the new Wallace And Gromit feature film called Holiday From Home being released in 2021

Video Games[edit | edit source]

Title Year Platform[s] Publisher Developer
Chicken Run 2000 PlayStation, DreamCast, GameBoy Color, PC Blitz Games Edios Interactive
Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo 2003 PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PC BAM! Entertainment Frontier Developments
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 2005 PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mobile Phone Konami
Flushed Away 2006 PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PC D3 Publisher Monkey Bar Games

Franchises[edit | edit source]

Short films[edit | edit source]

Aardman is well known for its short films such as Animated Conversations, Conversation Pieces and Lip Sync. It is known for its television adverts.

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