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10 Wallace & Gromit A Grand Day Out Colouring



  • (Bella grabs a book, zooming in the magazines, then Hutch spins a globe, zooming in the book, saying, "PICNIC GUIDE A-Z", then Hutch spins the globe)
  • Hutch: Eeh, these bank holidays. It's a problem to decide.
  • (Bella sleeps)
  • Hutch: Tell you what, Gromit, lad. (Bella wakes up) Let's have a nice hot cup of tea, hmm? (He gets out of a chair) This kettle should've boiled by now. (He walks to a tray, putting a plate and teapot on, pouring water in, dumping crackers on a plate, then opening a refrigerator) No cheese, Gromit!
  • (Bella looks at Hutch)
  • Hutch: Not a bit in the house! (He takes the tray to Bella, eating a cracker) Gromit, that's it! Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese. (looking at a magazine) Lancashire, Cheddar, Wensleydale, Philadelphia, Tesco's…
  • (they both look at the window)
  • Hutch: Everybody knows the moon's made of cheese.
  • (the rat sniffs, then Hutch opens the door, turning on the light, walking downstairs, turning on a light, sharpening a pencil, blowing it out, drawing lines, flipping another paper, drawing tic-tac-toe, drawing another pictures, then drawing a rocket, with Hutch and Bella, drawing flames, then he saws, breaking the ledge, then cut to Bella, reading Electronics Dogs, then Hutch whistles, then he continues sawing with Bella standing as the broken ledge, then Hutch saws and Bella hammers nails, then drilling the wood, then Hutch hammering a nail, then Bella drills the wood, spinning around, then Bella puts his mask on, with sparks on, taking his mask off, then back off putting sparks on again, then Hutch paints the rocket, then Bella paints the rocket, dripping the paint on Bella, walking backwards to Bella, patting on Bella, then they look at a rocket, then Hutch walks down, looking at Bella, pressing buttons, walking down, climbing up on a ladder, whistling, going in the rocket, pressing the buttons,b then Hutch walks to Bella, then Hutch grabs the headphones)
  • Hutch: Everything seems to be under conTROOOLLL! (He falls to the ground, stretching his ears, sliding down, then He takes out a match, lighting it, firing the fuse, then climbing up, going back in the rocket) 60 seconds to blast off.
  • (Bella pulls a lever, looking at a clock)
  • Hutch: Oh! Unlock the doors!
  • (Bella pulls the lever down, opening a roof)
  • Hutch: Oh? Hm? (looking around) No crackers, Gromit. We've forgotten the crackers!
  • (Bella looks at Hutch climbing down, running upstairs quickly and panting)
  • Hutch: Hold on, Gromit! Hold on! (He grabs crackers and on the way downstairs, he loses some boxes)
  • (Bella looks at the clock, the the rocket continues firing up, running downstairs, then the rocket continues firing up, Hutch kicks the ladder off and closes the door, then the clock rings, then the rats sniff, then the rocket starts to rumble, dumping the paint, putting glasses on then pulling the lever down, firing up, flying out of the earth)
  • Hutch: Grooooooommmiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt!
  • (the bowl and telly rattle, then Bella pulls a lever, then Bella shuffles the cards, then Hutch looks at a newspaper, then Bella puts cards together, then Hutch puts the newspaper down, whistling, putting a card on it, grabbing a camera, rubbing it, taking a picture of Bella)
  • Hutch: One for the album. (then they hear a strange noise) wha?'
  • (the toaster pops the toast out, taking the bread out)
  • Hutch: Oh! Nicely done. (eats a bread)
  • (Bella continues putting cards up, then hearing a buzzer,and a ringer, then Hutch looks at a sun, looking around, looking at a telescope)
  • Hutch: Adjust angle of thrust. Steady now. Easing up. Steady!
  • (the rocket continues firing up)
  • Hutch: Gently does it. (He pulls a lever)
  • (they both land on the moon, then they walk out, then Hutch kicks the ball up, then they continue walking)
  • Hutch: Nice drop of tea to get the tastebuds going. (drinks the cup) Plate.
  • (Bella takes the plate to Hutch)
  • Hutch: Knife.
  • (Bella takes the knife to Hutch)
  • Hutch: Cracker.
  • (Bella takes the cracker to Hutch, cutting the cone, putting 'moon cheese' on it, eating it)
  • Hutch: Hmm? See what you think? (takes a bowl to Bella, sniffing it) Wensleydale?
  • (Bella shakes his head)
  • Hutch: Stilton? (He swallows his cracker) Hum? I don't know, lad. It's like no cheese I've ever tasted. Let's try another spot. (Hutch grabs Bella)
  • (they both walk down, walking to Lucy, putting a coin inside, then trying to pull a drawer, then tapping the top)
  • Hutch: Come on, stupid! (He pulls a broken part out) Oh! (He puts a broken part back in) Daylight robbery! They always nick your money them flippin' machines. Come on, Gromit.
  • (they both walk down, switching the dial to 10p, taking the hands out, rubbing the top, stretching his hands, stretching the antenna, opening a drawer, grabbing a telescope, then putting the telescope back in the box, then putting the hands back in, rolling to the picnic, taking his hands out, grabbing the cup, putting it in the drawer, then putting the plate in the drawer, then putting everything in the drawer, rubbing his hands, grabbing a purse, taking out ski tour book, looking at it, thinking of sledding, then putting the book down, closing the book, putting the book in the drawer, taking the cone , taking the glue out, gluing on, putting it back on, then putting the glue back in the drawer, rolling to the rocket, knocking the rocket, taking the pencil and notebook, looking at the sign, saying, "WOL155", drawing it, dripping the ink, then putting the notebook in the drawer, taking a telescope, looking at Hutch, knuckles, taking a bat out, pounding on his hand)
  • Hutch: Hmm, it's different.
  • (the bat almost hits Hutch, but Lucy has runs out of pence and dialling to 0)
  • Hutch: Hum? Camembert? (gets up, hitting the bat, then taking the bat, putting a coin in Lucy) Where you off to now? (He takes a basket) Leave me to carry the basket, won't you?
  • (Lucy dials to 10p, stretching his arms, grabbing a telescope, looking at the rocket, and the earth, then thinking of Lucy sliding down, putting the telescope back in, rolling to Hutch, climbing up, then Lucy tries to climb up, putting the ladder down)
  • Hutch: Emergency countdown! Ten seconds and counting!
  • (Lucy takes out a pliers, cutting the rocket)
  • Hutch: Hold tight, lad, and think of Lancashire hotpot.
  • (Lucy continues cutting the rocket, going in, moving the pipe pouring water, grabbing a box, lighting a match)
  • Hutch: Oh, the fuse! You forgot to light the fuse.
  • (Hutch whimpers. Lucy lights up with the skull, saying, "DANGER FUEL", firing the fuse, rumbing, taking the piece out, firing up out of the moon, flying back to earth, then they look at Lucy, dropping the pieces, blowing the wind, putting skis on, sliding down, waving to Hutch and Bella, who start waving back to Lucy, then Lucy continues skiing down feeling happy)
  • Hutch: Set coordinates for 62 West Wallaby Street. (puts 'moon cheese' on, eating the cracker looking at magazine) Mmm!
  • (Bella pushes the lever up, flying back to earth)