A Grand Day Out is a 1989 stop-motion animated film directed and animated by Nick Park at Aardman


Animations. in British, including the characters Wallace and Gromit in thier first adventure. Out of all of the episodes of Wallace and Gromit, this one has the most simple plot (a plot with no murder mystery, monster, or criminal on the loose at all; just two guys going to the moon to get moon cheese that is being protected by a robotic gas cooking machine).

The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Cartoon Related to Creature Comforts, another Nick Park production.


Wallace and Gromit are devastated when they realise that they have run out of cheese. With the local corner shop closed for the Bank Holiday, Wallace decides to take a trip to the moon, as "everybody knows the moon's made of cheese." Naturally, he has to take his faithful dog with him. The two build a rocket in Wallace's basement and set off to the moon.

Upon landing, Wallace tries the cheese (which he suggests tastes like Wensleydale) but starts to question his theory on the moon. Also, a strange coin-operated robot shaped like an oven (complete with arms, wheels and and creepy weird eyes) is encountered by the duo and seems to wish to go with them to Earth so he can try out some skiing. Wallace and Gromit believe it is after them for stealing the moon cheese and try to escape.

The robot breaks into the rocket but is blown out by a gas explosion, allowing Wallace and Gromit to escape back home. The robot uses wreckage from the rocket as skiing equipment, and happily skis across the moon's surface, waving goodbye to Wallace and Gromit as they return home.



  • This is Wallace & Gromit's first television film appearance.
  • Wallace and Gromit look different from their other appearences.
  • The film took over six years to make, almost all of it single-handly done by Nick Park himself.
  • This is one of two movies that does not feature a love interest for Wallace
  • On the way to the rocket, Wallace drops a packet of crackers.
  • In reality, the moon is made of rock and not cheese. But it is a myth.

Goofs / ErrorsEdit

  • Wallace paints the same part of the rocket three times.
  • When rushing to get in the ship the first time, Wallace kicks away the paint-stained ladder, which falls to the ground as they take off. Yet when they land on the moon, they use the same paint-stained ladder to get in and out of the ship.


Wallace: No Cheese, Gromit! Not a bit in the house!

Wallace: Gromit, That's it Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!

(Looks at "Cheese Holidays" magazine, then out the window)

Wallace: Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese...

(a machine malfunctions)

Wallace: Come on stupid... Oh!

(eating the moon)

Wallace: It's like no cheese I've ever tasted...

(Wallace and Gromit are on their spaceship, about to leave Earth)

Wallace: No Crackers Gromit! We've forgotten the crackers!


  • Animation and Design by Nick Park.
  • Additional Modelmaking by Janet Sanger, Michael Hort, Michael Wright and Andrew Davies.
  • B/W Dream Sequence by Joan Ashworth, Andy Staveley and Martin Greaves of 3 Peach Animation.
  • Special Thanks to Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Richard Goleszowski, Sara Mullock,
    Melanie Hall, Glen Hall and Alan Gardener of Aardman Animations.
  • Also Thanks to Lesley Manning, Stephen Lawrence, Andrea Gardner,
    Jeremy Clarke, Darren Long, Charles Patey, Cliff Thorne and Roy Swift.
    Triad Neg Cutters, Peter Bath of Technicolor and Harbutts Plasticine.
  • Written by Nick Park with thanks to Steve Rushton.
  • Music by Julian Nott.
  • Sound Effects and Sound Editing by Adrian Rhodes and Danny Hambrook with thanks to Chris Billing.
  • Rostrum Camera by Danny Boon and Jeremy Moorshead.
  • Production by Soozy Mealing.
  • Edited by Rob Copeland.
  • Wallace's Voice: Peter Sallis.
  • Photographed and Directed by Nick Park.
  • © National Film and Television School 1995.
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