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a Amazon Jounery
Directed by: Sam Dell
Produced by: Paul Jerry
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Screenplay by: Karey Ricky
Story by: Nicholas Ferondo
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Music by: David Nia
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Aardman Animations
Distributed by: Studiocanal (UK)
Pathe Pictures (France)
Release date: March 26, 2023
Running time: 123 Minutes
Country: Brazil
Language: English
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Juila Conero as Quito, the, Jagaur

Mel Rickey as Quito's Mother, the, Jaguar

Jerry Ralph as Quito's Father, the, Jagaur

Brain Mattel as Quito's Sister, the, Jaguar

Soeiro Asinea as Puppy, the, Capybara

Tom Hank as Armadillo

Stella Dave as Anteater

Zia Xieos as Nigel, the, Scarlet Macaw (Quito’s best friend)

Jamie Foxx as Thomas, the, Aardvark

Wiedo Johnny as Craig, the, Anaconda

Pierce Niero as Charlotte, the, Jabiru

Oscar Vicatio as Police Maned Wolf

Anna Wabbit as Andy, the, Pink Dolphin

Willaw Oscar as Beauty, the, Sloth

Dash Foero as Ugly, the, Frog

Dawn Paris as Spohie, the, Brazilian Tapir

Giselle Brian as Rex, the, Harpy Eagle

Nico Bar as Nico, the, Blue and Yellow Macaw

Tiger Daniel as Roger, the, Agouti

Will Smith as Francisco, the, Flamingo

Ben Stiller as Curtis, the, Crane

Stephen Fry as Toby, the, Tiger

Donny Osmond as Robby, the, Lion Cub

Jodi Benson as Daisy, the, Ostrich

Phil Collins as Nev, the, Giraffe

Bette Midler as Maria, the, Octopus


  • In 2023, A Amazon Journey movie trailer it’s from the creators of Flushed Away.